Why Have Lots of Keywords in Your Google Search Ads Account?

A client of mine saw my keyword list built from keyword research recently and was worried that there were so many keywords and that the cost would be very high as a result. This is something I’ve come across a few times before, so here is my reply as to why well built-out, granular accounts are key to your Google Search Ads performance:

Relevance of Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads performance is all based on relevance. The more relevant the keyword, ad and landing page to the user’s search term, the better quality score your keywords get. Quality score is directly related to cost, so the better the quality score, the cheaper the cost per click (CPC) and therefore the lower the cost per lead (CPL). Another benefit of having your ads and keywords hyper-relevant to the user’s search term, is that the user is more likely to click on the ads. So it has the two-fold effect of getting more clicks, and cheaper clicks, both of which lead to account success.

The best way to ensure the ad and keyword are highly relevant to the search term is to build out every possible search term that a user may search for as a keyword. We can then build specific ads to offer exactly what the searcher is looking for. This is much more work in the initial account build stage, as it means keyword research has to be performed to establish all the ways that users might search for a product, and build ads that are relevant to every keyword. However, by having every search term built out at a keyword level and structured into a granular account structure, it allows us to tailor our bids to each specific search query.

Effective Bidding in Google Search Ads

If a keyword such as 3 bedroom condo rental in west coquitlam produces leads at a cost of $10, but the keyword coquitlam condo rental produces leads at a cost of $30, we can increase our bid for the better keyword and reduce our bid for the poorer performing keyword. Over time, this means that we spend our budget as much as possible on the highest converting search terms and keywords, and spend less budget on poorer performing ones. These longer, more specific keywords are called long-tail keywords and are an essential factor in high-performing Google Search Ads strategy. And as a bonus, long-tail keywords also tend to have lower CPCs.

thanks https://quanticmind.com/ for the illustration

Better Results

In conclusion, doing thorough keyword research, creating granular account structures and highly relevant ads has the following effects:

  • Better clickthrough rate
  • Lower cost per click

Resulting in more clicks overall

  • Ability to spend more on higher converting terms 
  • Ability to reduce spend on lower converting terms

Resulting in higher conversion rates and lower cost per conversion overall

That’s the real win-win if ever I saw one

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