Why Advertise On Google Ads?

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Paid search advertising using Google Ads is becoming ever-more important as organic results are pushed further down Google’s results page. Efficient Google Ads management allows advertisers to rank at the top of the results page. I have worked for a few years on Ralph Lauren and Hilton Hotels‘s Google Ads accounts. During this time I have generated them many millions of dollars in revenue. This experience of managing huge accounts has given me a unique insight into the most effective management of Google Ads.

The main benefit of Google Ads is being able to rank on the first page of search results immediately. For this luxury, advertising must pay Google per click, hence the name pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Being able to appear to relevant users is a huge boon for new websites which may take months to begin to rank using SEO strategies. Ensuring the best price is paid for these clicks is one of the primary roles of ad Google Ads manager. To achieve the best priced clicks, factors including account structure, ad copy, previous performance and the landing page must be optimised.

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What Kind of Results are Possible?

When I worked for Ralph Lauren one of their top-selling products was polo shirts. Hundreds of brands and competitors offer polo shirts, but it was essential we were in top position. By using optimal Google Ads account structures, we were able to be in top position for that term. Other related terms were less profitable, so we reduced position for optimal use of advertising budget. Each click cost us approximately $3, but we made $30 back in revenue, producing a ROI of 1000%.

Another important use of Google Ads is to ensure coverage of brand terms. For Ralph Lauren and Hilton Hotels, many competitors were bidding on their brand terms using Google Ads. If we lost users searching for our brand to a competitor’s website, we were throwing away money. Even though we were in top position in organic rankings, without the Ads presence, our competitors would have taken a lot of our revenue.

Building Cutting-Edge Google Ads Advertising Accounts

Google Ads is probably the most complex of the digital marketing advertising platforms. This allows advertisers to be highly strategic, compared to say Facebook ads. While this complexity is fantastic for skilled Google Ads managers, it means that many supposed experts build Google Ads accounts that are inefficient and wasteful. I have audited many accounts built by Vancouver’s top agencies, and found huge room for improvement. I can’t stress enough how much this frustrates me. As experts hired by clients, agencies should be providing the best possible service.

What Makes Google Ads so Special?

The amount of targeting criteria that skilled Google Ads account managers can utilise is unrivalled. Sure, Facebook allows advertisers to target by interest, age, gender, location, device and retargeting, but Google Ads offers so much more. The ability to set different bid modifiers for multiple audiences, locations, times of day, device, age and gender is fantastic. Rather than just targeting these groups or not, we can adjust how much to spend on them, based on data. Maybe we can tell that a man in Coquitlam on a mobile device at 9pm at night who has never visited our site before, is 70% less likely to make a purchase than a woman in downtown Vancouver on a tablet at 9am than visited our site last week. If so, we can bid 70% less and still generate a similar ROI from both. Essentially, no two users will see our ads in the same place. This is a fully optimised Google Ads targeting strategy.

Google Ads Services

My extensive experience on all types of clients from $60k to $30 a day budget means I can optimise any account. I am happy to audit your current account to give you advice on how it can be improved, or build a new one from scratch. If you have already hired somebody to run your Google Ads and you want to know if they are managing it properly, I can help. If you haven’t used Google Ads before and you want me to build you an account built for performance, I’d love to!

Whatever you need regarding Google Ads, I can help you to increase revenue and reduce costs. Just drop me a message