Campaign Level Remarketing Audience Bids in Adwords

I’ve been managing a few accounts with really strong results from remarketing for a while now. However, I’ve also had to manage these audiences at the ad group level, which can sometimes be annoying. It’s always seemed a little unnecessary to be managing these audiences at such a micro level. Especially when I have built granular ad groups for ad relevance that each ad group doesn’t accrue that much traffic individually. In fact to calculate audience bid adjustments, I have generally had to use a pivot tables in Excel. Aggregating audiences by campaign, then applying that to every audience within that campaign. However, it seems that you no longer need to do this!

How to Apply Audience Bids to Campaigns in Adwords

If you remove all ad group level audiences within a campaign, Adwords will allow you to upload audiences at campaign level. This manages audience bids and performance data at campaign level, saving valuable time wasted from pivoting data for optimizations. Very exciting! It is worth noting however, that this feature is still not available with Adwords Editor. In fact, if you upload campaign level bids in the Adwords UI, Adwords Editor displays no audience bids on the campaign at all. This is admittedly pretty disappointing, as it means to bulk edits. However, I am assuming AE will be updated soon to catch up functionality with Adwords itself:

Adwords Audience Settings Image

For now, I will have to be satisfied with eliminiating campaigns with 500 audiences, each with around 10 clicks. Instead I can clearly see how well an audience is performing across the campaign and adjust accordingly.

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