How Did Rowan Become a Digital Marketing Consultant in Vancouver?

I have worked in digital marketing ever since graduating from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2012. In my first four years in Digital Marketing, I worked at some of London’s top digital marketing agencies, managing clients from small start up businesses with $1k monthly budgets to international clients with $1m monthly budgets (take a look at my résumé). When I moved to Canada I began my career as an instructor, progressing to being the lead instructor of the Digital Marketing course at RED Academy, Vancouver (RIP). After my time at RED, I joined /Archive Digital as a Senior Strategist, and am now the Director of Digital Marketing there.

Alongside my day jobs, I have always freelanced: consulting and helping individual clients with their Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO strategies. I love helping new clients to succeed and working alongside a diverse range of business owners and marketing managers.

Which Digital Marketing Clients Has Rowan Worked With?

My experience has been earned on a range of well-known clients. London was the European headquarters of many of my clients, so working in digital marketing agencies there offered big names and large budgets. The travel and fashion verticals are where I have gained the majority of my digital marketing experience:

Since moving to Canada, my clients have gotten a little smaller, but with the possibility of greater performance improvements. Between freelancing for a number of agencies including Noise Digital, Croud and Flywheel Digital, and working at /Archive Digital, my clients have included:

How About Results?

Understandably, my client’s data is confidential. However, I can show you an example of the effects I had on one of my bigger Canadian clients. You can see that the number of leads doubled from July to January, while CPL (cost per lead) fell by 15%.

What’s Rowan Like to Work With?

Obviously I think I’m easy to get along with and always professional with clients. But don’t take my word for it! I actually won “Croudie of the Month” twice when working for Croud, which was a great honour. I won vouchers that allowed me fly to Ottawa to meet my Sister who lives there with her family, and my Mum who had flown over from France to meet us both. Great times!

What Did Rowan Do Before Digital Marketing?

Rowan Springfield Doing some Indoor Snowboard tricksFrom the ages of 18 – 24, I spent my life snowboarding as much as possible. I spent six winters snowboarding in the mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria and California. It was during this period that I realized a career in marketing would combine my analytical and numerical skills with my creative side. It was the Business with Communications degree that the University of Birmingham offered, combined with its proximity to Tamworth snowdome which cemented my decision to study there.

At university I was on the ski/snowboarding committee BrumskiI organised weekly trips to snowdomes and dry ski slopes as well as to national competitions like the one I’m riding in on the left. Through Brumski I met a lot of great people including a friend introduced me to digital marketing. I went into an internship at STEAK straight out of university and the rest, as they say, is history.