Who is Rowan?

Hi, I’m Rowan, a digital marketing expert based in Squamish, near Vancouver, BC.

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years, specialising in paid media (digital ads) and analytics. I am not a jack of all trades. I am a master of one (or two!)

The majority of my career has been spent working for digital marketing agencies in London, UK and Vancouver, BC. In the latter part of my career I have also taught digital marketing both at schools and as a corporate instructor.

For more about my work experience, check out my CV or visit my LinkedIn

If you’d like to hire me to build you a digital marketing strategy, work as part of your agency team as a whitelist team member, audit your accounts, set up analytics and tracking on your website or anything else, let’s get started!

How Can We Work Together?

I work with my clients in a number of different ways. Everything we do is custom made around that client’s business, needs and wants. Here’s a few of the common ways that I work with my clients that may inspire you:

White Label Digital Marketing Team Lead/Member

I work for some of Vancouver’s top agencies, such as Major Tom, Flywheel Digital, AntiSocial Solutions, Publish Partners, Brandcamp and Fellow Brands as a contracted team member. I have a company email, lead and attend client meetings, as well as building and implementing digital marketing strategies. This allows my clients to expand their team when needed, and to take on extra clients that their existing team do not have the bandwidth to manage. This also allows some of my clients to expand their agency offering. If you’re a design or development agency and want to be able to offer digital marketing to your clients as well, hire me as your digital marketing team and you can be a full service agency!

Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

If you want to work with an agency but don’t have the budget to cover their management and setup fees, this is a the solution for you. I can build you a strategy, work with you to build out an ad campaign, messaging etc. and launch it on the best digital marketing platforms for your business. I report on performance monthly and make constant optimisations and recommendations throughout the month. You receive a similar service to what you would with a digital marketing agency, but because you are working with me directly, you don’t have to pay for their overheads. I can send a pricing guideline upon request.

Digital Marketing Account Audit & Recommendations

If you are working with a digital marketing agency currently and you want to know if what they have built for you is good, if they are working regularly on your accounts or if there are ways that your account performance can be improved, this can give you peace of mind. I audit every aspect of your digital ad accounts from ad content, to tracking, to keywords, to audiences and everything in between. I produce a full insights and recommendations document of how to improve your ad performance. You can either give these recommendations to your agency to implement, or I can implement them for you.

One-Off Tracking/Reporting & Google Analytics Setup

A number of clients contact me because they have a website and they simply want to get the more technical side of event tracking and Google Analytics set up. For this, I generally use Google Tag Manager (a free tool) to track all on-site events and this allows me to also set up tracking for any ad platforms that you want to be able to track performance on, as well as within Google Analytics. I can set up custom reports or custom dashboards within Google Analytics if required, or can create a Google Data Studio report. Data Studio reports update automatically, so that you can check the performance of your site and digital advertising channels in one place. I can send you an example Data Studio report upon request.